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Get to know me...

I have always been interested in people; whether it's their life stories or love stories. I care; I like to listen and I love to share in magical moments.

That's why I became a Celebrant, to celebrate love!

My career has been varied, but has always involved people. I first worked for an airline and after many twists and turns along the way I am proud to be a Celebrant. I trained with the International College of Professional Celebrants, one of the leading training organisations in UK and I'm so glad I did! With a fully insured, trained Celebrant you can be assured you are in good hands.

I also work as an oral historian so I am perfectly placed to listen to your memories, hopes and dreams and weave them into a beautiful ceremony that will live in your hearts forever.

Why Kisses to the Wind Ceremonies?

It's the title of a song I wrote some years ago now, when my children were little. 'Kisses to the Wind' is a song about love and absence and the enduring power of relationships even when we can't be together. As I blew kisses to my children wishing them goodnight, I thought about all the people who were missing the ones they love, and wrote a song.

When I needed a name for my Celebrancy work,

'Kisses to the Wind' seemed to say everything. Whether for weddings or funerals, it's all about love. 

After arranging my own parents' funerals I discovered what a privilege it is to be invited into a family and to help them through the most difficult of times. Creating a funeral ceremony for a loved one can be emotional of course, but together we can weave a wonderful memorial to the life that has passed. Celebrating a loved one's life with friends and family can be uplifting, giving a sense of closure and fulfilment. 


Weddings are joyous times of course. Who doesn't love a wedding? Sharing the special moments when a couple is joined together is truly magical. I love it! We will work together, until your ceremony is the unforgettable experience you have dreamed of. You may have your wedding ceremony already planned, or need some ideas and inspiration, either way we will make it unforgettable.

I know some people can be nervous of making that initial enquiry, I'm the same, worried it might be awkward and you'll feel obliged to take things further.

Please don't be worried. Before anything else we need to know we'll be right for each other, like any relationship. You need to know there's a connection and that we feel comfortable with each other. That's the first step, no obligation or charge, just a friendly chat!

So why not grab a coffee and call, or message me if you'd rather. I'm ready and waiting to hear your hopes, dreams and stories

With warmest wishes, 


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Anita Broad Celebrant smiling and happy. Dark haired, wearing large dark sunglasses at a sunny summer music festival, holding a rainbow coloured umbrella above her head to shield from the sun
Photo of Anita Broad Celebrant smiling, wearing a navy blue dress with pink bolero jack and holding her grey celebrant folder
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