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Baby Namings 

This ceremony is perfect for you!

You have new little person in your life and you want to celebrate. A religious ceremony doesn't always fit with everyone's choices and beliefs, so a Kisses to the Wind Baby Naming ceremony is the perfect way to recognise and welcome a new little one into your family. 

The beauty of a Baby Naming ceremony is that you choose how to mark the occasion and what you would like to say, and with me to lead the ceremony it will be just as meaningful and even more special.


We can even include activities that involve the children and guests, there can be music and of course, lots of laughter! Anything in fact. A lovely idea is for older children to write a poem or read a piece that welcomes their new brother or sister into the family. With so many lovely options, it's a really beautiful ceremony.

You can of course have God Parents, but you might like to call them something else, such as Guide Parents or Friend Parents, it's completely up to you, but they will still guide your little one and care for them just as much.

A Happy Family
A toddler stands on a chair looking out of a window. Wearing a cute beige teddy bear onesie with ears and a bobble tail

Adoption & Blended Families

Baby naming ceremonies are perfect for welcoming an adopted baby or for bringing children together in a blended family, officially welcoming them into their new lives.


What I love about these wonderful ceremonies is that we can create your family's own unique event that brings everyone together in a celebration of love and togetherness.

A blended family, two parents and two children sit on a sofa. They are all laughing.
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