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Weddings &
Celebrations of Love

Tropical beach Wedding set up. White chaires and long table with white tablecloth. Palm tree with fairly lights wound around the trunk and white wisteria hanging garlands with white paper ball lanterns

Your Wedding Your Way

Where would your dream your wedding be?

We can be indoors or outdoors, we can go to the beach or a forest, even at home, you choose and I'll be there!

Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your lives. We'll take care together to create an unforgettable ceremony that will live in your hearts forever. Whether you're just starting out together,  uniting two families or starting again later in life, one thing is for sure, we will create truly magical moments.

From helping you write your special vows to each other to mini ceremonies that bring your family and friends into the heart of the day, there will be so many memories for you to treasure forever. 

Proud Grandparents with dark long haired young girl holding a photo album. All are smiling and looking very happy

Memory Catchers

So what's a memory catcher? Many new memories are made at weddings but also past memories will inevitably come to mind for your family and friends. As a professional oral historian I can help capture these treasures before and during the wedding and create an audio book for you to keep forever.

Video is of course a beautiful way to remember your wedding day,  but hearing the voices of your special loved ones reminiscing about their own weddings and how they felt on your special day, will be a precious keepsake to revisit time and again.

Wedding Rings on a white cushion with red and white ribbons

Mini Ceremonies

There are so many different mini ceremonies we can bring into your wedding day to make everything even more special. 

You might enjoy a traditional hand-fasting, whereby your hands are gently fastened together with ribbons. This is a beautiful ceremony that can also include your children as you bring together a new blended family.

Or maybe a ring warming ceremony is for you. This is a magical and meaningful way to really involve family and friends in the wedding. Before the bride arrives the wedding rings are passed around the guests who are asked to bless the rings in whatever way they feel means most to them.

A sand ceremony is another beautiful way to bring a new family together. Different coloured sands are poured by each member of the family into a beautiful jar to be cherished forever. Any new additions to the family can also add to the sand jar later on.

There are so many mini ceremonies, you may even have an idea of your own that will make your day even more memorable.

Let's get creative!

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