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Tell the World!
more weddings and namings, kind of...

Whether it's a life changing event, renewing your wedding vows

or celebrating a new name, there's a perfect way to let the world know. 

Transitioning or affirming your identity in a naming ceremony is perfect for you 

If you have something to celebrate, whatever it is, let's do it!

Renewing Your Wedding Vows & Special Anniversaries

You told each other and the world once,

now you can replay your wedding all over again...

Why not tell everyone how in love you are?

Beach Wedding

Identity Naming Ceremony

Coming out or transitioning can be a turbulent time for many LGBTQIA+ folk, but when you're ready and you want to celebrate, you can do just that.


Let's tell the world how

happy and proud you are to be you!


The world is your oyster.

Be yourself, love yourself, and celebrate

however you want to. 

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